Events from 2011:

Jan 12   2011 National No-Tillage Conference  
Jan 20   Lancaster County Crop Day  
Jan 28   Perry County Crops Day  
Feb 1   Tri-State No-Till Conference  
Feb 2   SW No-Till Conference  
Feb 3   Cumberland County No-Till Workshop  
Feb 4   McKean County Crops Meeting  
Feb 9   Lycoming County Annual No-Till Conference  
Feb 10   Columbia County Annual No-Till Conference  
Feb 11   Lycoming County Planter and No-Till Clinic  
Feb 15   2011 Pennsylvania Crop Producers Conference  
Feb 15   Professional Crop Producers Meeting  
Feb 16   Bradfield Co. Annual No-Till Conference  
Feb 17   Centre County Planter and No-Till Clinic  
Feb 18   Snyder County Farmers Meeting  
Feb 23   CMEG Crops & Soils Conference-Lebanon  
Mar 1   Clinton County Evening No-Till Workshop  
Mar 8   No-till Info Exchange Meetings  
Mar 9   No-Till & Nutrient Trading: Credit Opportunities  
Mar 9   Managing Heavy Corn Stalks in No-Till Systems with Focus on the Combine  
Mar 17   Upper Northumberland/Union County No-Till Meeting  
Jul 21   Core Conservation Field Day  
Aug 16   Ag Progress Days  
Nov 1   17th Annual Cover Crop Field Days