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"Promoting the successful application of no-till through shared ideas, experiences, education and new technology."
August 15, 2014
Dear Friends,  It was a busy three-day event at Ag Progress Days this week despite the rain-battered first day.  While the wet weather may have dampened our hair and clothing, it did not dampen our spirits or the curiosity and enthusiasm of the crowd.... Read more
August 8, 2014
In the ongoing saga of the pension crisis and the Philadelphia $2 per pack cigarette tax for school funding, the canceled return this week of the House of Representatives was met with despair.... Read more
July 24, 2014
Dear Friends,  Welcome to Life in the Fast Lane…or as PennDOT acknowledges, the 100-mile stretch of turnpike whose speed limit has just been raised to 70 mph.... Read more


This change will be to Article VI, Section 4. Board of Director (a second paragraph will be added)

All members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend all Board meetings, with a minimum attendance of 75% of the total meetings. The Board of Directors will carefully review attendance below the minimum, discuss the matter with the member and seek a commitment to improve. After missing three (3) consecutive meetings, a member will receive written notice from the President of his/her pending removal from the Board, unless a response is provided and the Board evaluates the merits of the response. After missing six (6) consecutive meetings, a member is considered to have resigned from the Board, unless the Board finds extenuating circumstances.

All members of the PA No-Till Alliance are invited to a membership meeting to vote on the by-laws change on Tuesday, August 12 at Ag Progress Days. The meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. in the upper room of the farmhouse (headquarters building) located at the corner of Main Street & West 10th Street in front of the exposition building where the lunches are held. Questions? Contact the No-Till Alliance at (717) 635-2320 .

Is your membership active?

The current membership year runs from September 1, 2013 thru August 31, 2014. If you haven't renewed your membership yet, do so today!